Data Security & Encryption


All data entered into our Client Management System is stored as encrypted data, with the exception of a Client's First & Last Names. This is to enable sorting and searching within the Client Management System. You have the option to use a code name or numbers in place of a Client's first and/or last name if you choose. This would ensure maximum client confidentiality and security within our system.


Any information you add on this website (such as when creating your account, updating your profile or billing details or when adding information into our Client Management or Teams systems) is sent over the web as fully encrypted data. This means the data is not readable.

All such data sent between your web browser and the website is sent using the industry-standard "SSL" protocol. This prevents anyone from being able to read this data as it is sent over the internet from you to us (and vice versa). This is the same method used by all government websites, banks, e-commerce stores and other websites that send and receive sensitive data.

The web server runs Secure Sockets Layer (“SSL”). The purpose of using SSL is to encrypt data transmission between you and the web site. The standard level of encryption supported by is the industry-standard 128-bit.

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